TOUCAN ULTRALIGHT, 2PLUS2, by Novadyne (formerly Canaero)
Toucan designed by: "Peter Corley"


CIRCA 2008
These Toucan models deserve more exposure.
These "CENTERLINE" twins plane flies in Canada as a basic ultralight under the CARS which permit up to a 1200 lb gross and under a 45 mph stall. At the time of its introduction the gross weight limit was 1050 lbs.

The original Canaero-Toucan in this design type was powered by two Rotax 277 engines. Two of the three remaining were upgraded progressivly to Rotax 447s, then Rotax 503s. This gives them it excellent performance off water or land.

One engine performance is very gratifying, especially with two pilots . Of course many other popular sport planes have flown for years with one Rotax 503 and two pilots(*NOTE). These Toucans were factory built kits. "HXJ" & "HMB" (serial #007) have fuselages constructed of 4130 steel web format; wereas some early prototypes were worked up using aircraft grade aluminum - there is one existing version in this mode (serial #001). Many Toucans had full span junker ailerons, "HXJ" the newly restored version has ailerons and flaps and some other neat mods.

*NOTE: There are so many excellent experimental, LSA and ultralight airplanes (Canada, experimental read "amateur built" and LSA read "Advanced Ultralights").